9 Celebrities Who Suffer From Really Bad Acne

Alicia Keys

A lot of women don’t suffer from regular acne, but rather hormonal acne. As a woman, your period and monthly hormonal┬áchanges can affect your body as well as the skin on your face. Alicia Keys doesn’t suffer from severe acne, but it’s clear that she has the occasional breakout, which is likely caused by hormones. Hormonal acne is typically more inflammatory than other forms of acne, and the skin on your face can look swelled or bumpy. This type of acne can be a pain to treat as the breakouts are not necessarily caused by oily skin, but rather by hormonal imbalances. If you are suffering from hormonal acne your dermatologist may┬ásuggest that you start taking an oral contraceptive pill. At present, there are three contraceptive pills available that have been formatted to treat hormonal acne. If you are suffering from inflammatory acne while you’re menstruating, speak to your doctor about contraceptive pills to help treat bad acne.