OMG, These Might Just Be The Strangest Relationships We’ve EVER Heard Of!

If you think your love life is complicated, wait until you read this following stories about people with Objectum Sexuality. Ever heard of it? Objectum Sexuality is when people develop intimate relationships with inanimate objects. This very rare syndrome causes both men and women to fall in love with objects and identify these items as a gender rather than as a thing. These might just be the strangest relationships we’ve ever heard of! If you thought you’ve heard it all check out these stories about people have have intimate relationships with Nintendo games, trains, bridges and even the Eiffel Tower!

A Woman Marries a Roller Coaster

Amy Wolfe, a 35-year-old woman just loves roller coasters. Not in the “It was such an exciting ride” way, but more in the “OMG, that machine is so hot and sexy” way. When Amy was 13, she literally found herself in a roller coaster of a relationship when she first fell for “1001 Nachts” — a rollercoaster based in Pennsylvania. She knew in her heart that one day, she would marry the amusement park attraction. Amy has ridden her lover over 3000 times in the past 10 years and she refers to the roller coaster as “he”. Amy took things one-step further when she married “him” and changed her last name from Wolfe to Weber after the roller coaster’s manufacturer. Amy travels 160 miles, 10 times a year to visit her loved one and carries spare roller coaster parts around in order to feel closer to “her husband” while they’re apart. Amy says that she was instantly attracted to him sexually and mentally. She claims to have a fulfilling physical and spiritual relationship with the roller coaster. Oh, she also claims that she does not ever get jealous when other people ride her husband.