You Won’t Believe How This Guy Is Helping The Homeless!


There are many people who talk the (selfless) talk, but don’t actually walk the walk. Azhar Maqsusi is not one of those people. Maqsusi would give someone the shoes off his feet, or the money in his pocket. In fact, he does the latter every single day. This guy is helping the homeless and you won’t believe how! The businessman from Hyderabad, India, has been feeding the homeless in his region for over three years, but he doesn’t just volunteer his time, he’s using his own resources and money to help the poor. Every afternoon, people form a line under the Dabeerpura Bridge, collecting plates and washing them, while they wait for food.

feeding the poor-eat

Azhar said he began his efforts three years ago, when a flat tire forced him to take an alternate route. “I hardly ever took that route, but my tire got punctured that day, and I decided to catch the local train from the station under the bridge when I saw a physically handicapped woman with her feet amputated. The woman was crying loudly, begging for food and not money; she hadn’t eaten in days.”

Without hesitating, Azhar gave her the food he had packed for himself. His selflessness came from his own modest background. His father died when Azhar was four, and his mother was left to raise him and his siblings alone. Azhar’s mother oftentimes couldn’t feed her children and they’d go to bed hungry.

feeding the poor-Azhar

Azhar was deeply impacted by the woman’s struggles, so the next day, his wife cooked extra servings of food so he could go back to that same spot and feed the struggling people. At the beginning, he brought all the sustenance with him, but later he began cooking all the meals under the bridge.

After two months there were more than 50 people waiting in line for Azhar’s food. He hired a cook and payed him a salary in order to continue his operation. Everything came out of Azhar’s pocket. What did the sum add up to? His expenses included: 25kg of rice, one litre of oil, and two kg of pulses (grain legume), which added up to 1500-1700 rupees per day.

feeding the poor-hungry woman

A year and a half later, an Indian man residing in the U.S. who had heard about Azhar’s efforts, began to contribute towards the project. Azhar now receives 16 25-kg sacks of rice every month from the Indian man. Azhar does not accept cash donations, only food. Thanks to Azar’s efforts, over 100 people are fed because of his willingness to help those in need!

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