Is It Time For A Change? You Don’t Want To Miss This Advice!

Are you dreaming about starting your own business or becoming a freelancer but don’t know where to start? If so, you are not alone. Not long ago, Monika Kanokova was in that same position. She was dreaming about starting her own company but had a million questions about how to do it. In search of information and advice, Monika decided to turn to the women who were already living her dream; entrepreneurial women from around the world who managed to turn their hobbies in to businesses.


In an interview with Travelettes, Monika explained that she is originally from Czech Republic, but that she moved to Austria at the age of 14. She has since traveled a lot and lived in many places around the world while studying and working. After some time working for different companies, she decided that what she really wanted to do was start her own company and work as a freelance community and content strategist. In one of her blog posts Monika wrote, “One of the main reasons why I quit my job and decided to start my own company was the need to be mobile. I wanted to live in different countries and work across different time zones.”

But Monika had a lot of questions before she could leave everything behind and embark on this journey. For example, how does one actually start a company? And how does one find clients? In her search for answers, she decided to interview women around the world who were already doing what she wanted to do; women who have their own company or work as freelancers. Monika managed to gather a lot of helpful information and tips.


While gathering all this information, advice and inspirational stories from entrepreneurial women everywhere, Monika figured that she couldn’t be the only one in the world with these questions. So she decided to put together a team that would help her turn all the stories and the knowledge into a book; a book for anyone in search of answers on how to turn their business dreams into reality. Monika decided to call the book This Year Will Be Different.


In an interview with Travelettes, Monika said, “It’s a book for and about entrepreneurial women; a practical guide filled with tips, tricks, stories, and interviews with women who are now making money as bloggers, designers, consultants, photographers and many more great professions.” She then moved on to say, “I wanted to make a guide that would feel like asking a good friend.” So the book is based on interviews personal stories and experiences with the women Monika contacted.

In the Kickstarter campaign Monika explains why she chose the women she chose for the interviews, “When I was choosing who to interview, I wasn’t looking for the Britney Spears or Angela Merkel type; I didn’t want to publish ‘just another’ book that focused on the most well-known and famous people.” She also said, “To me, successful people are people who enjoy what they do and who are not scared to explore new possibilities. They’re the people who have space to grow and who face their daily challenges with curiosity and a spark in their eyes. And it’s people, just like you and me, who find a way to get paid for working in the creative industries (although their families might have told them that it’s close to impossible to do).” Ewelina Dymek, a self-tought illustrator from Poland, made the beautiful illustrations for the book, including portraits of all the women that were interviewed.


To try and gather enough money to print copies of the book, Monika decided to run a Kickstarter. A lot of people liked and supported the idea and felt inspired by Monika’s story. The campaign ended up reaching its funding goal, and the book “This Year Will Be Different” is now being printed. When the campaign was funded Monika wrote on her blog, “The campaign rolled out on the 4th of January and was successfully funded on the 27th of January.” She also said, “Initially I tried to get to 5K but thanks to several features and also the great support of the community team at Kickstarter, 376 people pledged $8,873. I cannot even express in words how touched I am by the interest in the project.”

Printed copies of the book are being sent out to funders of the Kickstarter campaign — each book personally wrapped by Monika herself. On her blog she describes the process and says, “Because I wanted to make receiving the book special, I decided to wrap every single one as if it were a present”. A Kindle version of the book is also available on Amazon.

Watch the video from the Kickstarter campaign where Monika explaines the process and what led up to the book “This Year Will Be Different”.