12 Beautiful Women Who Are Rocking The Curvy Look


We’re past the point where to be considered beautiful, you must be stick thin with no extra meat on your bones. This past year Tess Holliday made a huge splash as a plus size model for Torrid and Benefit, and we’re glad women like her are being celebrated¬†for their shape and size. There’s still some room for improvement for today’s beauty standards, but we’ve got to begin somewhere.¬†Check out these 12 beautiful women who are totally rocking the curvy look.

Kate Dillon

This woman’s got one of the most stunning bodies and faces around. She’s praised for her amazing, curvy shape,

which looks damn good if you ask us. Kate was the first plus size model to appear in both Vogue and a Gucci campaign. Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about.