15 Famous Women Who Refuse To Shave!

Ever wondered what it would be like to not have to shave your body hair off? Well, some celebs have gone one further than wondering and actually done it. Whether it’s because they haven’t had the time to shave under their arms, or just because they want the freedom to choose, these 15 famous women have armpit hair. Is it gross, rebellious or inspirational? You decide!

Julia Roberts

One of the most famous stars in Hollywood after her big break in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts is no stranger to doing what she wants. Being a supporter of the Gucci ‘Chime for Change’ campaign, which aims to empower women, it’s no surprise she bends the rules when it comes to being your typical ‘pretty woman’. When you think of celebrities turning up to a premiere you tend to imagine glitz, glamor and freshly waxed armpits. However, when Julia Roberts turned up to a premiere in a slouchy red dress everyone knew she was already trying to break the norm. It was only when she lifted her arm to wave that we all saw exactly what lengths she was going to, in order to break that norm. It seemed as though Julia Roberts hadn’t shaved her pits in months and she really wasn’t that bothered by it. When you have a grin as wide as Julia Roberts’ then you can pretty much get away with anything. Of course, the newspapers picked up on it and tried to slam Julia Roberts, but most people stood by and supported her. If Ms Roberts can get away with hairy armpits, then so can we… right?